Who is an investor in a company?

Introduction: Every modern enterprise needs capital to start its business, therefore an investment is the best way to run and for the betterment of the enterprise. It is an asset which is purchased to generate income in the future. It is also important for a business to expand, though, even the inflows from the business can fund that. Capital is essentially obtained in two forms, equity, which is popularly termed as an investment, and, debt, which is the loan that a company takes to start a business. A company has various options that it can exercise to raise capital. The reason attributable to this is the structure. A potential investor would usually repose more faith in a business that is structured as a company, than in other forms, such as sole proprietorship or a limited liability partnership. With this basic background in mind, it becomes pertinent to explore the area of types of investment to understand how capital is raised in a company.

Who can be an Investor in a Company?

Anyone can be an investor in the Company. An Investor is the one who invests in the company by allocating the capital for the profit in the future. The following can be an investor in the Company:

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